A sustainable housing solution

HOME 2.0 is The Design Cradle’s endeavour to design and develop a solution that contributes to addressing South Africa’s housing needs. The project is a response to research in Ratlou, Northern Cape and Msinga, KwaZulu-Natal. Both municipalities have substantial housing backlogs and ongoing service delivery challenges. Many families have undertaken the building of their own homes using, traditional methods and found/available local materials; and on our field research trips we observed many ingenious, innovative, beautiful examples of indigenous solutions. Many of these dwellings are, however, unstable and some have been condemned and considered dangerous, as the walls are load bearing without the necessary structural strength. In addition, homeowners do not have access to basic services on site.

With these factors in mind, and in response to requests from local government officials, The Design Cradle is exploring an affordable, sustainable and self-reliant solution that addresses the structural support and service needs, taking into account contextual conditions and indigenous knowledge systems. These conditions include low water tables, hilly terrain, flashfloods, and limited, or no, infrastructure, trade routes and mechanisms.

HOME 2.0 is the solution we’re developing. It is designed to enable individual home-owners to construct homes on site without the need for heavy equipment. Find out more HOME 2.0 and how you could get involved